Munglinup Primary School

Munglinup Primary School is situated in a farming area between Esperance and Ravensthorpe. Our school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, and our small size provides a warm and welcoming learning environment. We encourage students to be authentic, to achieve excellence and reach their potential. We promote creative and reflective decision making that will contribute to a life long love of learning, and empower students to become active and valued citizens of our world. We have a YouTube channel to showcase some of the fabulous movies that students make at school. Videos include:

  • Critical thinking about writing
  • Spelling list word use in sentences about random things
  • 'Persuasive' advertising campaigns related to products that have been scientifically proven to work e.g. paper towel products
  • 'Save the Tanker Jetty' movies to convince local business and government to stop the destruction of the Tanker Jetty in Esperance
  • 'Forensics' tests that are part of our unit of work where K-6 students have to figure out who trashed the classroom
  • Slideshows of physics, chemistry, biology and earth and space science investigations that students undertake on science days

Our kids are working really hard to create videos about the things we do here at Munglinup. Check out our YouTube channel here: