Our Students - Student Newspaper

Throughout Term 3 we focused our English lessons on the concept of the newspaper. Students have been learning to be journalists, including the processes journalist go through to get articles published. We're learning about how painful it can be to produce 'good copy'. That's journalist speak for 'polished writing'. Students write a draft copy, edit, then send to their 'editor' (a teacher). In the first four weeks of the term students worked with teachers to break down the articles and look at certain aspects of article writing. They looked at the structure, the purpose, the authors perspective and finally the importance of imagery used. In the last five weeks of the term students were given a focus topic where they themselves had to follow the structure of an article and write an article that had purpose, their own perspective and when time prevailed they found their own image to support their articles.

All students were given a deadline for their news articles to be handed in. The articles that met the deadline (given till the end of school on Thursday) were put in The Munglinup Times.
This was at the discretion of the Evil Overlord Editor In Chief, Mis Sara Calver.