Our Students - The Holidays

In the holidays I...

"On the holidays we went to Mandurah. The next day my cousin came over with his motorbike. 1 hour later my cousin Judd and I went for a motorbike ride. I think I was pretty lucky that my granddad flattened the track for us. Then soon as he finished I wasn't so lucky because Judd has a 2 stroke ktm. The reason he has a two stroke is because he does racing. I hate it when he's the first on the track because he rips up the track." - James, Yr 4.

"On the holiday I went to Bali and at Bali my intermediate family went to the waterpark. I went on lots of water slides. Some slides were scary and some were slow and calm. My favourite slide was the Double Trouble. On the Double Trouble you are supposed to cross your legs and arms. But Dad flung his arms and legs up in the air. There is a paradise pod, we had a game of volleyball and we went on a jumbo trampoline and I did 7 backflips and at the end I did a somersault. We also got icecream." - Emily, Yr 3.

"I went to the Young River with Saleem, Anthony and Kristi. And we went fishing. And we used kangaroo as bait. But we caught no fish. My fishing rod was red and Saleem's was blue. And we only caught weeds." - By Evy, Yr 3.

"On the holiday I saw Mrs Wilson walking down the beach and I ran to Mrs Wilson. Mum and Dad and I had breakfast and a coffee with Mrs Wilson and then Mrs Wilson left. So we went with Mrs Wilson, and then we went and saw Jurrassic World 3D at the Busselton cinemas" - Sarah, Yr 3.

"Me and my mum and dad went to Boyup Brook. As soon as we got there me and mum and dad went to the Quarters. Yesterday we went to a shop and I was quiet with my mum and dad gave me a chance to buy a toy. I chose Lego" - Harlem, Yr 2.