Our Students - Maths

We run several very well researched Maths programs at Munglinup.

Developing Efficient Numeracy strategies Stage 1
The activities in this book support the implementation of the Count Me In Too program and the Mathematics K-6 syllabus.
The book provides teachers with a resource for programming activities in number so that students can develop a powerful and flexible understanding of how numbers are used. The activities have been designed to build upon students' current methods of solving arithmetical problems. The activities support and encourage students in using increasingly efficient strategies when completing arithmetical tasks.

Developing efficient numeracy strategies Stage 2
The activities in this book support the implementation of the Count Me In Too program and the Mathematics K-10 syllabus.
This book provides activities around coordination of multi-units or groups of groups. Students' understanding of the base-ten number system is deepened as they come to understand its multiplicative structure. The book also focuses on the role played by recordings in shared thinking.

Envision Maths

enVisionMATHS has extensive print and digital components, allowing educators choice in how they teach each topic. enVisionMATHS combines powerful visual learning strategies that make meaningful connections between known and new maths ideas for your students, with breakthrough digital teaching and learning tools that cater to each teacher's technological expertise.

Differentiated teaching and learning strategies allow you to tailor your methods to improve students' learning. Program components can be adapted to all primary maths classrooms around Australia and can be taught in any order.

enVisionMATHS incorporates a breakthrough suite of digital teaching and learning tools that enrich the digital learning environment and cater to an individual teacher's technological expertise. These digital components are captivating, innovative and lesson/topic based, so they save teachers time and are easily used in a variety of learning settings.

enVisionMATHS has an extensive expert author and consultancy team, including nationally and internationally recognised researchers and leading classroom teachers from across the country.


We pay a pearly subscription for Mathletics. Students can access this at school and at home. It's mapped to the Australian Curriculum, as well as the WA Curriculum. Teachers can tailor the courses to individual students, which makes it ideal for a multi-age group setting. We don't use Mathletics a lot during class time, but use it to reinforce concepts already taught by the teacher through direct instruction and inquiry.