Our School - Term Dates

Please find below details of school dates throughout the year.

There are five Student Free / Staff Professional Development Days where students do not attend. Two of these days are before the school year starts for students. Each school schedules three other days throughout the year in consultation with its School Council and school community.

 Staff Development Days

- 27th & 28th January 2022

- 26th April 2022

- 22nd August 2022

- 21st October 2022

- 16th December 2022



Semester 1     
Term 1
 31st of January - 8th of April
9th April – 25th April
Term 2
27th April - 1st July
 2nd July -  17th July
Semester 2
Term 3
18th July - 23rd September

24th September - 9th October

Term 4
10th October - 15th  December